Trace Digital bUSINESS card

NFC Business Card Features

Presenting the Best Digital Business Visiting card

Trace Smart Card is a modern & smart business card. It lets you continue the etiquette of sharing business cards but is much more effective. With digital Business Cards, you just need one TRACE SMART CARD!

What is NFC Business Cards?

The Trace Social Business Card is an advanced visiting card with NFC innovation. Trace Smart Card immediately shares your contact, social, and area subtleties. 

Trace Smart Card permits you to change your contact subtleties whenever and anyplace without republishing your card. Simply have one Trace Card, and you could never run bankrupt cards at crucial points in time. 

Trace Smart Card lets you monitor when, where, and with whom you shared your contact details. 

This without a custom application!

Stay Up to Date in Real-Time

Trace Digital users can share their name, organisation, Files, short bio, Phone number, Email Id, Social Accounts, addresses, and your photo. There’s even more, through an excellent profile that is fully Customisable. User Profile data can be changed anytime, anyplace, and the same number of times as you need merely utilising your cell phone. 

With Trace Smart Card, you would neither offer stale contact subtleties nor need to get new business cards printed when any data changes. 

Image of Digital Business Card profile page

NFC Business Card

Tap your business card on any phone, share all your contact details or use the QR Code Scanner.

Lead Generation Tool

Get more leads from your meetings. Follow up faster and close more deals with more innovative technology.

Social Profile Hub

Save and Share your Social or Business profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube channel, or any other social website for Free.

Link to Any URL

Link your Personal or Business Website or your Video Link or any customised Link to your Trace Profile

Trace Digital Business cards use the nextgen technology to keep you always up to date

Share Business Visiting Card Details

  • Update Your Business profile in Real-Time
  • Profile Picture
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Music Playlists
  • External Links
  • File Upload and many more Essential Features that you need

Customize Your TRACE Smart Card

We cooperate with a portion of the top organisations to help lower expenses and increment brand mindfulness on the web. Our planners will structure your smart business card and help with mass enactment programming for every one of your representatives. Considering a consistent association with proceeding with any customer or client relationship on the web. Least request of 10 Trace Smart Cards required for customisation.